My interest in AI has been all over the place, as with many things in my life I find fascinating. This interest took root from my childhood by one medium – movies. Watching movies that played out the good and bad sides of AI, along with all the potential AI brings was captivating. It seemed really far fetched and too far into the future, however as time passed, beginning AI was slowly and quietly creeping into society.

Fast forward to current day, my interest grew even more with a specific interest in AI in healthcare. I was working at Stanford’s School of Medicine at the time and experiencing some family related medical issues that were tough to work through. I felt AI in healthcare could really solve a lot of these issues and with my firsthand, intimate involvement in Stanford’s medical facility, this was my first path of interest. That path quickly ended though, as Apple made health records easily available and Olive became an AI force in the healthcare industry.

During that time though, I wasn’t really studying AI in way of courses / certifications and I wasn’t actively engaging in it in a way that could lead to a career in AI. This website was created for that reason, with two goals in mind – 1. school myself in AI, documenting it publicly along the way, despite the enormous uphill learning curve. 2. discover an area of interest to focus on.

Finally, I want to give credit to a person whom I don’t know and who doesn’t know me. In some preliminary searching about AI, I ran across Daniel Bourke in an article titled, “I want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Where can I start?”. This was the push I needed to jump in as I identify with him in a lot of ways. Thank you Daniel for your non-artificial intelligence.